We partner with each individual to determine the breadth and level of services they need. We work with them to identify needs and set goals for their personal growth. Our services include support for daily living, life skills and behavior. Our trained staff work one-on-one with each individual, meeting them where they’re at and providing physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental support.

If you know someone who might be interested in our services,  the first step is getting Developmental Disability Services eligible.  Reach out to your local Developmental Disability Services office.  If the individual is already enrolled in Developmental Disability Services and you want to learn more about what Cornerstone Valley can provide; click on the button below and contact us!

Daily Living

Our home environments offer myriad opportunities for our individuals to be part of a community household and engage in daily living activities, from designing their own living space to planning the weekly menu, setting the daily schedule, and choosing activities and entertainment based on their interests.

Our staff provide practical support for daily living, including administering medication, cleaning the household, preparing food, assisting with hygiene, organizing group activities and providing transportation.

Life Skills

Life skills help our individuals achieve a higher quality of life, develop autonomy, find purpose and strengthen their sense of self worth.

We help individuals develop a broad range of life skills in areas such as: personal hygiene, finances, health and nutrition, personal safety, self advocacy, relationship building, transportation, and home maintenance.

We encourage the individuals in our care to engage in school, work, or volunteerism. Cornerstone Valley believes in the power of community. We help our individuals foster meaningful relationships with family, friends and members of the community. We partner with local organizations to provide opportunities for our individuals, and we make every effort to help our individuals become involved in the greater community.

Our individuals have volunteered at community fundraisers, participated in Special Olympics, attended sporting events, and worked at local businesses such as Goodwill, Safeway, and even a nearby winery.

We are pleased to have a strong community partner in Western Oregon University.

Behavioral Support

Our Behavior Specialists provide compassionate support to individuals with challenging physical or emotional behaviors. Our Behavior Specialists work with our direct care staff and administrative staff to better understand each individual and uncover the meaning behind their challenging behavior. Our Behavior Specialists teach proactive support techniques and coping skills to decrease challenging behaviors. Our specialists are also available to assist in crisis situations.

Our behavioral support is enhanced through the involvement of direct care staff, who share their day-to-day perspective and provide essential input on an individual’s behavior plan. Our direct care staff are empowered in their role to prevent and manage challenging behaviors.